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Violet Riding Hood + others

The second capelet I've attempted so far, this was done over the Easter weekend.


Aw, damn. LJ uploader is being a pain, I guess I'll just post a link to my Facebook photos where I have more detailed images 
of this peice.

Picture links:



This peice is very very orante. It has charms between each half-circle, beading, a lot of bows, lace, and pearls...made from a pattern I drafted myself with a violet cashmere blend wool that cost me a kidney (2 and a half yards for almost $60 CDN) and is lined with black cotton broadcloth. I als made a pouch for my Meizu MP4 player. 

By the way, those buttons are temporary. I need to purchase dark wooden ones...since I only had one of those on hand. 

Total cost to make: $92.25 CDN

Other stuff can be seen in my FB photo album...

My first caplet is the Red Riding Hood one.

Pssst. That's a Lolita themed USB flashdrive necklace I made, with a sewn leather casing. (Intend to sell them in the near future)

Hope you guys like it. 


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