Airin | 오리 (icecreambat) wrote in egl,
Airin | 오리

Question on HLJ + possible GL Bible WTB

Ok, so since Hobbylink Japan has been praised as the cheapest place to get Bibles on the webbernets, has anyone ever tried purchasing an item there that was backordered? I'm looking to buy the G&L Bible #23 but am starting to think they probably won't get it back in stock for ages, if at all. Am I basically just wasting my time waiting for it to restock after having made a tentative order?

In case the answer to the above is Y, here's the bit where the WTB kicks in: does anyone have a copy of the aforementioned Bible #23 that they're willing to get rid of for around less than $25 shipping included? (That's the other cheapest alternative I've found it online, so if I can't find a used copy for less I'll just opt for that.) In other words it doesn't have to be in mint shape (meaning the patterns don't even have to be included etc as long as it's reflected on the price). I can pay by CC PayPal and live in Finland.

Thanks in advance.

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