Hakai (hakai_kun) wrote in egl,

WTT (Want to Trade): Metamorphose BxB JSK

Want to trade for
Putumayo and/or h.Naoto type clothing/bags




This is something of a feeler, but
I bought this JSK in Harajuku not quite a year ago
for about 25800en or so.
Since then I've only worn it out maybe 2 or 3 times.
It has some sentimental value to me (as I bought it in person)
so I'd prefer not to sell it out right.
It has been dry-cleaned and taken very good care of.
(Don't worry about the dress on the floor above.
The floor's very clean, as no one wears their shoes in the house here ^^)

Bust/Waist: aprx up to 84cm
Length: 76cm

I have feedback on ebay as 'hakaichou'
but I hardly use it.
However, I do have experiance as both a seller and buyer on DoA (bjd) forum

About trading:
Please let me know the brand, sizing, pictures, etc.
(as much information as possible)
for the item(s) you wish to trade.
I may possibly trade for shoes. But I think my feet are smaller then a 'S'.
For bags, I'm only interested in messenger-type bags (I'd really love one!)
I'm looking for something more on the punkloli-side ^^

Depending on the value of your item(s) the math will work out like this:
Your item = JSK
Your item + money = JSK
Your item = JSK + money

If making or receiving monetary payments, I can only do it via paypal

Would like to trade (or partial trade) for
Putumayo and/or h.Naoto type clothing/bags
(For jackets, nothing frilly)
I'm not really interested dresses at this time
colors; white, black, grey, red

Thank you!

Feel free to either comment or eMail me (sarcastic_loki[AT]yahoo[DOT]com)! ^^

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