V.S. (banshee123) wrote in egl,

Helppping Plz.

Boo. :(
I need help finding some shoes for prom.
I thiiink I'm looking for some shoes kinda like Jesus Diamante's, but I'm not sure.
Plz help...
I'm not sure whose picture this is, but I assume it's someone from this community. (If you want me to take it down I will.)

I am looking for any one of the shoes pictured here:

but I particularly adooore the ones on the very right. You can see the side of them in this picture:

Does anyone know where I can get shoes like this?
I really would prefer an American/English speaking seller so I don't have to use a shopping service.

Does anyone know what any of the brands of the shoes are?

I'm really not sure what kind of shoes to get for my dress, but I like those a lot...for reference, my dress looks like this except in WHITE:


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