Skylark (skyewishes) wrote in egl,

In the Gardens of Versailles

Featuring jasmineflame as la Princess de Lamballe

skwerlie as la Duchesse du Polignac

And skyewishes as Queen Marie Antoinette of France.


The Queen and her companions enjoy the heady scent of late blooming roses.

Each dressed in the latest Court fashions

The lakes are full of lily pads

Oh look! A lotus flower.

The gardens are an excellent place to share gossip

And rumours spread faster than the climbing vines!

Although it seems like paradise

You can never quite be sure who your true friends are

Its all a game really

Autumn is coming to Versailles

How beautiful the willows are

And the topiaries, elegant swans

Though not as dear as the real thing

Solitude is often required for thought

It has been such a long day.


Thanks to jasmineflame and skwerlie for coming along today and giving me an excuse to wear my new Marie Antoinette OP! Thanks also to our photographers, Eugene and Wilson for following us around all day. Next time I will remember the parasols! This photoshoot was so much fun! And we had a lovely little picnic too. The location, for those who are interested is the Queen's Gardens, in Perth.

Outfit credits

jasmineflame: BABY blouse, Handmade skirt, Handmade bows.
skwerlie: BABY blouse, Candy Violet skirt and Mini Hat
skyewishes: BABY One Piece, Rose Chocolat Shoes, Handmade headdress

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