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For Church going lolis.....are you dressing up for Easter?

Hey I was just thinking a little bit ago, I tend to always wear lolita to church on Easter b/c it's my nicest clothing, and I feel ok wearing it to church then (for some reason I feel uncomfortable wearing it any other sunday, weird I know).

and so I was just wondering, for the church going lolitas, what will YOU be wearing on Easter this sunday?
sadly I can't take a picture of my outfit b/c my camera wont work *cries*

shows pictures if possible!

just thought that this would be a fun picture post people might enjoy~!!

well the only drawback I can see to wearing full lolita to church on Easter sunday is Easter sunday is always the most crowded sunday for any church, and so last year I was dying b/c it was SO hot and I was squished in so tight, which didn't help any of my anxiety problems let me tell you...
well anyways, I digress, so....

what will you be wearing this sunday? ^________^

 p.s. I'm surprised no one else brought this up yet......

sorry, hope this doesn't offend non-church going lolis......but if you were going to go, what would you wear?
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