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issue number 7 is retarded. please explain the patter match ups to me because the issues before it and after it have small sketches on the pattern sheet showing the main patter that has to be modified to make all of the other items of clothing in the book. issue 7 has no "head gament pattern" all i see are many pieces that don't necessarily make a garment. for example, i wanna make the very first set on the first page which are just a hooded sweater and a skirt (i have made something similar but i wanna make this exact thing) i don' know what pieces correspond to that set because they don't have pictures in the pattern sheet of what pieces i have to modify...  so i need help. if you understand it, please explain. 
i am good with the other books, i get those. thank you in advance for your help.

i asked in one other community.
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