wintermoon_snow (wintermoon_snow) wrote in egl,

Help needed with lace and ribbon!

So I have some pretty cool fabrics but I don't know what color lace or ribbon I should use! Anyone's input would be much appreciated!

I bought this fabric to make a replica of the BTSSB tartan JSK. I can't find any ribbon that's close enough to the magenta/pink. They're always too bright of a pink. I considered using a dark blue but I'm not sure if that works. What do you think?

I planned on replicating the BTSSB Swan Lake one piece with this fabric but I don't know what color lace to buy. White is definately too bright for this so I obviously need something darker. Would some kind of cream or beige work? Or should I try to use a blue or maroon like in the roses?

I thought these were all pretty cute but I'm unsure of what types of outfits to make with them. Any suggestions?

And here's my collection of really pretty fabrics that I just wanted to show off! You could say I'm obsessed with floral prints ^^; tee-hee!

I plan to make kimono outfits with these two prints. I wanna make something Wa-loli out of the darker one with the butterflies.

All this stuff takes up half my closet space! =O lol. I'm such a packrat!

Thanks! (m_ _m)

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