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Wardrobe Builder vol. 2

Well it was a crummy rainy day yesterday so sooner then I planned here's another one!

I encourage everyone to read this but this particular entry leans more towards the everyday Lolita. Those who dress in Lolita more or even every day of the week. As it's been discussed often some people [parent, relatives, friends, significant other] are not keen on the whole Lolita thing. Here I plan to discuss how a  Lolita pieces can be warn as they are meant to in full Lolita style and then how you can tone it down. So to the quote!

"Every wardrobe should include a "costume"- that wonderfully versatile combination of dress with matching coat or jacket that can take you to many places that call for an "important" look. The costume goes to P.T.A. meetings and matines. It goes to church on Sundays and to the Woman's Club. It meets your husband in town for dinner and a movie, and it greets rich Aunt Emma when she arrives at the airport from Paris."

Now rework this to Lolita style I interpret it this way. Every Lolita wardrobe should have at least one piece they can wear with all their normal attire but at the same time with a few simple accessories can be worn out and look relatively "normal" and your companion(s) for the night wont be negative towards your choice of  attire. Or in other words you wont be getting stares because you look like a living doll but because your gorgeous (Yes you are!) It does not neccisarly have to be as the above stated a set it may just be a simple dress as I've used. And simple is the key here! You want a dress that fits the guidelines of Lolita but is not over to top and frilly.

So on to the drawings, I kept things pretty simple and minimal for this one. It's simply an example for you to get your own ideas going. Now, lets start with the dress (Miho Matsuda.) Now for the Lolita example the dress is paired with a blouse (length depending on the weather), headdress, white tights and a typical lace up shoe. Quite perfect for a quick frolics in the garden or a low key meet up. Now take that same dress and add a cropped jacket, headband, white or flesh-tone fishnets and flats and you've got a totally different look. [And for some reason I picture that outfit being in a clinique happy ad :P]  No this look is NOT Lolita, that is the point. The point I'm trying to get across is the even for the everyday Lolita you need a few un-Lolita pieces in your wardrobe because it isn't always appropriate to dress lolita. And I know some of you are going to hate me for that.

Well until next time <3

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