Emily (emiiri) wrote in egl,

Metamorphose Group Order?

Hello ladies! I know this is super-short notice, but I figured i'd see who might want in! I'm planning on making a Meta order tonight or tomorrow, and I was wondering if anyone would like to get in on it as a group order!

I would like to place this order by tomorrow night (Friday, 9:00PM EST) at the latest (concerned about the items I want going out of stock ;_;) If payments get to me sooner, I will order sooner. =) I will open this up to a limit of $300 USD total.


The total you pay will be the cost of your items + your portion of the shipping fee from Meta + shipping from me to you. This order is open to both US and International lolitas, but do remember that if you are outside the US, your shipping cost from me to you will be higher. Smaller items (socks and such) will have smaller shipping fees than larger items (jsks, etc).

When you send me your request, I will invoice you via Paypal for the cost of your items. This is the first payment, and is due before I can make the order. When the items arrive, I will invoice you for shipping costs, including your share of the shipping from Meta and shipping from me to you. Once you have paid this second amount, I will send your items - I will NOT ship your items to you until this second payment is received!

Note, if you wish to pay by CCPaypal, I will ask you to cover the fee. =)

Want to Join?
If you would like to join, please email me at ejw4069 AT rit DOT edu with the following info:
Your Name/LJ Name
Email Address (Paypal Address as well if it is different)
Mailing Address
Item(s) You Want (w/ product codes so I can be certain!), including colors/sizes as necessary
Also please include a second choice in case your first is not available.
Please put 'meta group order' as the subject.

My Feedback
You can find my feedback both on loligoth_dbs and on EBay!

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment or email me anytime. =)
Thanks ladies, and again, sorry for the short notice!


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