Mina & Rui (mparf) wrote in egl,
Mina & Rui

[AUCTION] Fake H.naoto Top // Pink Putumayo T-shirt.

* Shipping from Australia.
* All prices in USD$
* Paypal only for international buyers.
Aussie Buyers get Paypal//Bank Transfer (Commonwealthbank)
***If paying via CC-Paypal. please include the 3.4% plus .20USD for the
*Holds allowed for 3 days. 
**Feedback is under "chicken_zombies" at ebay.

AUCTION ENDS AT MONDAY, 9TH APRIL AT 12.00AM EST (i think EST is right....>.> XD)

H.Naoto-Esque Top---Starting Bid: $15.00     Highest Bidder: ?
Condition: Never worn, except to try on in the store.
Size: Length: 24.5"
          shoulder to shoulder: 14"
          width: roughly 30" all around.
          sleeves: 24" (including the "missing" bits.)
Info:  Black cotton? material. overlaid with a very soft mesh thats been printed with random english text and artistically slashed in the front, showing some studs behind it. The sleeves that are attached to the actual shirt part is done the same way, but the 2nd part of the sleeves is just the fine mesh. The metal chain isn't detachable, but im sure with some tweaking you could make it so.   ((It's fke coz there's the words "H.Anarchy" at the bottom...and it's clearly not H.Anarchy. -_-))



Putumayo Pink T-Shirt/Cut-Sew----Starting Bid:  $20.00      Highest Bidder:   dead_corvette @ $30.00
Condition: Worn only to try on. Wasn't my style. DX
Size: Length: Approx 19"
          shoulder to shoulder: Approx. 15"
          width: roughly 31" all around.
          sleeves: Approx. 6.5" 
Info:  Pink Cotton with a red (screenprinted?) Morbid Alice. The pictures explain better than i can. XDD
There is a small lace-edging thing along the sleeve cuffs and the collar. The back is plain.


Thanks for looking!
If you have any questions, please leave a comment!
PS: sorry for the horrible photo quality. T_T
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