ankokugai (ankokugai) wrote in egl,

Clothing sale, please take a look!

I accept Paypal (CC OK), money order and concealed cash. Thank you!!


Very nice red blouse with silver details. Size S/M. Depending on how this is worn it can be casual, punk or dressy. Skull detail on left breast is really cool!! The cut of this blouse definitely makes it stand out. Matches with jacket below. Worn a few times but in excelent condition. Exact measurements/material upon request.
ASKING PRICE: $48 (Originally over $150)

Front model:
Back model:
Design detail:

Super cute long zip-up black light jacket with red details. Size S/M. This looks best with the PUTUMAYO blouse above. Crown detail on left breast and large crown/text on back makes this jacket stand out. Many different styles can be acheived by zipping the zipper at different positions (has two zippers). Pictured here with the PUTUMAYO blouse above (the collar and cuffs of the blouse are over the jacket's in these pictures. The jacket's collar and cuffs are black.) Worn a few times but in excelent condition. Exact measurements/material upon request.
ASKING PRICE: $52 (Originally over $180)

Front model, both zippers at neck:
Front model, half-way zipped:
Front model, fully zipped:
Back model (white spots are from my camera, not the jacket):
Back design detail:
Front design detail:

This kilt was bought at NUDY BOY one year ago. Size S. This kilt is worn at the waist. Very punk!! The bat wing cut is especially cool. I absolutely adore this kilt, but I don't like to wear things at my waist... so I must grudgingly sell it! Make sure you check out all the details. Exact measurements/material upon request.
ASKING PRICE: $26 (Originally over $80)

Full back:
Back closeup:
Front model:
Side model:
Back model:

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