namidaichigo (namidaichigo) wrote in egl,

DS: Sweet lolita strawberry accessory, White shawl

Here is the Sweet strawberry accessory, White shawl sales. Please come and take a look. Thanks for your guidience before.^^

Please make note that all the items are NO exchange and NO refund.

Please think carefully before you buy.

All the items only can hold for 3 days, please pay within 3 days.

All the prices is mark in US Dollars (USD).

Payment method: Fund transfer Paypal, No Credit Card please

The items will ship from Macau.The postage will mail by Air Mail from Macau.

The Postage shown in below is ship to Worldwide.

The Total Price for the item would be Price + Postage.

Please contact my email isabelkuok[AT] gmail [dot] com if got any questions.

White shawl

Price: 30USD

Postage: 8USD

From: Hong Kong

The White shawl is made of artifical fur. It is really warm.

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Black strawberry bolero

Price: 25 USD (Postage included)

Size: under bust 34” sleeves: under 15”

From: non brand shop

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Mother garden hand bag

Price: 28USD(Postage is included)

From: Internet

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Strawberry Socks Pink and White

Price: 15 USD (Postage is included)

Size: 50 cm

These socks are from Japan.
There are 4 colors

Pink X 1

White X1

Blue X1

Black X1

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