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Help with dress...

I am going to have an Alice in Wonderland/masquerade type theme for my graduation party in May. All of my guests will be required to dress as a character from the story (they can put a cute twist on it if they'd like). I was hoping to wear this dress (see below) along with a top hat and go as the Mad Hatter. What do you think? I would also really love to hear some opinions on how I could possibly "lolita-ize" this dress without changing the length. What are your opinions on this? Of course, I would have to add lace and such, but what else could I do?

Please ignore my really bad hair and horrible facial expression...I had been trying on dresses all day and was quite exhausted from driving around and shoving myself into whatever overly priced scraps of fabric American designers call formals.

Also, I'm not wearing shoes. With shoes, the dress fits quite nicely length-wise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. ^_^
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