. C A R A . M . (lovepanic) wrote in egl,
. C A R A . M .

Lolita Rooms?

Hi Guys,
I hope this isnt too OT, and if so, then I apologize in advance, but I need some help I know you lovely ladies can provide.
I have a project for my storyboarding class right now that requires me to draw a number of different rooms or environments. I want my own drawings to look as interesting and as challenging as possible, and I thought Lolita would be a great way to go. I know in the past some of us have posted pictures of our lolita-fied living spaces, and I remember seeing some really great ones.
So if you'd be so kind, share those pics again! Or point me out to other links where I can find Lolita inspired bedrooms.
What might also be interesting is pictures of shop interiors, but I know how difficult those can be to find sometimes (*sigh* I'd love to draw the inside of BTSSB *_*).
Any help you guys can offer is totally appreciated (and I hope my request made sense)! Thanks guys!
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