Steph (skwerlie) wrote in egl,

Quickie IW sizing question...

I was just wondering- are the sizes listed on the IW blouses the actual shirt measurements or are they the size you'd have to be to fit into the blouse? I am just about spot on their "L" size measurements, but if they are the actual shirt's measurements I think it may be too tight.... google translates one part as saying "Because S/M/L and size development are abundant The summons it can receive at just size." Which I assume means the shirt is larger than the listed measurement, and you order with your body measurements? I did find one post saying that the L fit someone whose measurements were, like mine, spot on the ones listed, so that makes me hopeful... but does it hold true for all of their multi-size blouses? Does anyone know? Sorry if this seems obvious, but I often find blouses very difficult to buy, even in western sizes, because I'm busty... so I don't want to order something that won't fit me (especially since IW isn't as easy to buy from as, say, Baby)

: ) Thanks!

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