dizizpammie (princesspammie) wrote in egl,

DS strawberry/cherry bows and headbands!

 A must have for every sweet lolita! :)
I've got these adorable headbands and bows for sale!
8,00 euro ( that's about 10 dollars ) including shipping. I only accept paypall. I've got an 100 % feedback on ebay only as a buyer tho.
That's it for the info on with the sale! :)

Strawberry headband. Green bow, red headband 5 tiny pearls. I've got 2 left!

Cherry headband. bow with pink hearts and band with poka dots, I've got two of these!

Cherry Bows. Dubble Pink bow. I'll only be selling those in pairs so that 8 euro a pair. I've only got 1 pair left!

Strawberry bows. White with pink hearts. I've got two pairs!

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