e. (clarice) wrote in egl,

(Please to be excusing my bad photography; my boy is asleep on the sofa -- at 7:30 on a Friday, life of the party he is -- and I'm not so hot at the self-portraiture. And I swear my sewing room isn't always this messy. ...Okay, it totally is. Whatever.)

Antique white socks are on my to-buy list, but they don't merit their own order so I won't have a pair until something on Meta or Baby's site is a must have. In the meantime, I'd like to wear this dress but need some sort of appropriate leg wear. I also really need brown shoes (the lack of which, believe me, is not for want of trying) but currently only have a lot of black shoes. And a lot of red shoes. And some camel and purple. (so, so useful...)

So which of these, if either, looks better?

It has a bustle back if that makes a difference:

Also, I don't really wear this style of headdress but it came with the dress so I figured why not. It's my first from Meta, and it has batting in it. ...Batting? ...Batting. I find this inexplicably hilarious.
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