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DS: Shoes

All prices include shipping to US and Canada
Tea Party Replicas, size L
I bought these from Secret Shop (or Inspired Cat Ling Mao), although they are really overstocks from An*ten*na (they have the lable and everything). Like persoconchii (who raved about these shoes a few days ago), I am in between sizes and bought the larger one...which turned out to be too big. They have detatchable bows and ankle strap, and the buckles are fastened by snaps.  They're in new condition, just tried on (and they are really comfy!).
Original picture from seller

My pictures
(here you can see the lable, and it also comes in an An*ten*na box)


Pink Bodyline shoes, size M
I bought these off this community, but they're too small for me >.< The shoes were new from the original seller, and I only partially tried on one shoe (and promptly gave up when I realized there was no way it was going to fit XD). They're definitely a size M (the insole measurement is around 23.5), and I wouldn't get them if you have wide feet. They have a 3 cm kitten heel and detachable bows (the ones on the ankle straps aren't detachable). The pictures are pretty true to the real colour, maybe a tiny bit darker pink.
Side view
Detachable bow
The buckle - it's not an actual buckle, but really a snap

Paypal only, please (non-CC would be nice since evidentally there's some sort of fee and I have no idea how it works ^^;), unless you want to try your luck with concealed cash (boohiss).

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