We've all fallen in a river from time to time (kero_chan42) wrote in egl,
We've all fallen in a river from time to time

Free Shipping Code for Delia's

I know a while ago there was a post about cute loli-esque swimsuits, and Delia's Strawberry and Gingham Line was a pretty big hit. For those that missed it, they are HERE. I am on their mailing list, and just got this month's free shipping code.  I thought I'd share it with everyone.  You have to spend over 25.00, but that is not a problem if you are using it for the swimsuits.  This is the "good" code, the one they have listed on the site is only for orders over 75.00.
The Code is: DTEW25
I'm getting the black strawberry onepiece.  (Black you say?  What a surprise!)

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