Kaori Danger (frakkinfabulous) wrote in egl,
Kaori Danger

Of eBay and undergarments...

A few questions:

1) Most, if not all, of the eBay sellers which custom make clothing, save fan+friend, are rubbish and a waste of money, right? So much negative that it's hard to remember if any of them have real positive feedback from people who are looking for something other than cosplay!

2) I'm bigger than average (height and measurements-wise) and I'm a beginning sewer. I'm planning to buy a ton of clothing off of fan+friend in the near future, but I don't like the look of their petticoats. I'd love at least a couple petticoats and a pair of bloomers or two. Is this something I'm better off ordering or something I could put together with a quick trip to the Walmart crafts section and a couple of hours?

3) Lastly, brand socks. I LOVE them, but how do they do on us American girls? I'm sure they'd be shorter on me, since I have my longer calves and bigger feet (10" long foot and 16" long calves) but would they look silly? Maybe I'm being cheap here, but I'd hate to spend $100+ on many pairs of Angelic Pretty socks that I love only to be disappointed when they finally arrive.

Thank you all in advance for any help you give!!

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