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Hello! WTB - White or Black loli summer shoes UK 6

Hi guys!

I am trying to save up for anime cons and things but I really need some shoes! I need both a black and a white pair really but its going to have to be one or the other, so hence me asking for people to post both. I'm in the UK I dont really want to post a price limit because im not very good at it, i'll look at everything thats posted. I can ONLY pay through paypal so please bear that in mind :) I dont mind if the shoes have been worn as long as its not too obvious (ie huge scuffs or anything like that). I'm not especially looking for flat shoes i'd much prefer ones with a heel but im not worried :)

If it is at all possible a measurement of the shoe in inches would be lovely, but its not essential in the slightest, just dont want to get the wrong size! :D

Thanks to everyone who responds!
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