...eat my irresistible love yams :D (ayako) wrote in egl,
...eat my irresistible love yams :D

DS: F+F blouse, Meta skirt, Meta bouquet collar, K-star skirts and shirt

Metamorphose black with white lace skirt
Measurements: 22" waist unstretched but goes up to much higher. Last seller said max goes up to 40" but I'd say anything after 34" is pushing the comfort zone.
Additional: back view and quick coordination for your reference
Note: Bought off EGL but I never ended up wearing it out of the house. The lace is wrinkled from being packed away but the skirt is in excellent condition.
Asking: $75 (taking trades and offers)

F+F Detachable Bow-tie Lacing Up Short Blouse
Measurements: 36.5" max bust, 33" max waist
Additional: bow detached and back view
F+F link: here
Note: Wrinkled due to me trying it on repeatedly because I had the illlsuion that it'll fit me the 4th or 5th time around. It didn't work obviously :( The little ribbon ties on the shoulders and the back lacing are white instead of black like on the website. It just came that way. *shrug*
Asking: $30

K-Star shirt with chains
Measurements: 17" flat but can accommodate up to an 36" bust
Additional: back view and details of front
Note: Worn once for a short period but still has its tag and condition is identical to new. Comes with a detachable piece to wear on your leg. I love this shirt to death because it's so awesome but I have to face the fact that I am so wrong for any kind of punky clothes.
Asking: $45

K-Star black skull skirt
Measurements: 32" waist max
Additional back and detachable part
Note: Brand new with tag. When I first tried this on my mom laughed her ass off. She told me to stick with lolita. x_X
Asking: $40

K-Star red plaid skirt
Measurements: 29" waist max
Additional close up of one panel and side panels detached
Note: Brand new with tag. I love the usefulness of extra pockets ^^
Asking: $35

Metamorphose bouquet print collar
Additional: loose logo
Note: In brown. Worn out only once. The Metamorphose logo wasn't sewn on very well so the stitching came loose on one side. Probably hard to sell but worth another try.
Asking: $40 (shipping included for this)

Shipping for all items to US and Canada
Airmail: $10
Expedited: $15 (with tracking number)

If shipping ends up to be less I will refund you. ^^

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