Emily (emiiri) wrote in egl,


Why hello there!

Curious? (or just watching the tv and getting snapshot at the same time. =D)


This outfit has ben brought to you by:
JSK, Blouse, & Socks: Meta (woohoo!)
Headdress: Baby
Shoes: Montreal

I am bad at parasol poses.

But I feel so darn cute, I don't care!

This outfit has ben brought to you by:
Skirt, Blouse, Parasol & Socks: Meta
Shoes: Montreal

Only this picture came out decent - my boyfriend didn't notice that his finger was causing light reflections or something. x.x;

So POO I say!

This outfit has ben brought to you by:
Blouse & Socks: Meta
Skirt: Grave Designs
Hairbow: ITS
Shoes: Montreal

Try with the Meta blouse...

And now something different! =DDD

Why hello thar.

This outfit brought to you by:
Blouse #1 and Socks: Meta
Blouse #2: Someone on this very community!
Skirt: Made by me. =)

Moral of the Story: Dear jeebus I need more blouses. x.x;
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