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Polka Dot Reconstruction - Part Deux (Skirt) + Mini Tutorial

part two of the polka dot saga. i really don't have a lot of polka dot just looks like i do. -____-; onward ho!

your basic rockabilly skirt. a-line and actually pretty comfortable.
just didn't like how long it was...

craptacular finished pic. i based the look from an old old OLD design from a few years back. i though, "hmm...oldie but still a goodie!". i always refered to it as the "present skirt"... i know it looks a little akward, but i think if there was a nice white top with an emphasis on the hem of the shirt it would work out fine. lol, but then again, that's a different project. ^^

DETAILS. a good tip if you have a lot of beading laces and don't know what to do with them. i didn't have a lot of flat eyelet lace to use so i decided to layer them to get a nice trim for the skirt. i think for this one, it's simple and works well with the orverall design. really, the skirt looks much nicer in person. <3

INITIAL MOCK-UP. my original design was going to be waaaay different... i wanted to do an innocent world replica but i unfortunantly didn't have enough fabric (so is my life. ;______;).

so basically this is what i did:

A-Line Skirt Reconstruction Tutorial

disconnect the upper part of the a-line skirt from the lower part. of course you can only do this IF your skirt has two halves. usually though, if it's a rockabilly skirt, there's a 50/50 chance that it'll be a two-part or a single part skirt....

remember the bottom part of the dress from my first polka dot recon? well, the patterns matched up perfectly so i used that as a guide to measure the width of ruffle i was going to use for the bottom of the skirt recon. if the skirt you have is a solid color, then you'll need to color match the fabric/pattern to add a bottom layer.

using the top part of the skirt you removed earlier, take side stitches and zipper off so that it lays flat. using the xtra fabric, trim off excess fabric from the bottom up using clean cuts. save the top part, you'll use it as a waistband later (see photo for reference).

after the cut, you should have three pieces in total. two thick, long ones for the hem ruffle and the top waistband.

at this point, i added the lace for everything--the hem of the bottom ruffle, the trim lace on the skirt, etc. and sewed the skirt together. remember that if you're going to make the same skirt that you have to attatch the laces first before constructing the skirt...otherwise you'll have to undo a lot of stitching and it'll weaken your fabric (or worse, put some tears in it!). fyi, i attatched the ruffle 4 inches from the skirt body's edge. you can make this lower if you aren't going to put an underlaying ruffle like i did.

also, you can either gather the skirt body to the waistband or pleat it. i pleated just cuz it was easier for me than trying to hand gather all that mess. the zipper i attatched so that it would look invisible and added a hook & eye closure for the topmost part of the zipper so that it wouldn't gape open.

and the ruffles never stop! for the underlaying ruffle, i cut a looong piece of white fabric and gathered it (about three and a half times longer than the bottom width of the skirt), then attatched it to the hem of the skirt body (remember, i attatched the previous ruffle 4 inches from the edge). as a reference, i attatched it about an inch from the edge and then folded and top-stitched the skirt body hem over the gathered part to get a cleaner look. also, i left the bottom unstitched just cuz i liked it that way. >:)

and that's it! tips for making your life easier: press your garments people! if you don't know what that is, it means ironing your shit so that it'll stay flat. that's mucho important for ruffles (then it wouldn't look so freakin poofy and you'll see if you need to restitch your ruffles if they're crooked). clean as you go! that means cutting off any excess thread, redoing anything that needs to be redone right when it happens, etc.

if any of that didn't make sense, i do apologise! i suck at making tutorials. ;__; ask me and i'll do a picture explantion for you instead! =^.^=

c&c always welcome.

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