Attatck of the Sewmurai (ladyzif) wrote in egl,
Attatck of the Sewmurai

hey heres some pictures

So a while ago i made a kinda sales post.  and i was silly and didnt have any pictures ready, so here are some.  a loli dress i designed and made for someone (the quality is not as high as it could be but they girl could only afford so much so i scaled it for her)

Front view yay,  my sewing room is still messy from moving a month ago, followed by finals!

Back, the bow is so cute.

Skirt detail,

Tie back collar.

front lace detail. i like those little rosey things.

head...doilie, whats the official term for thiese things?  is it just headdress?

aaaaaaand sock garters,  i wear thiese things every time i wear my knee socks,  they just do not stay up like they the image quality is not what i thought it was from my camera screen

this night elf doll,  she looks a little rumpled.  i swear i thought i took a better pictures before i sold it to her.   i have a bunch of thiese laying arround in natural cotton with different yarn for the hair (not the purple fleece) that are still nekkid.
alot of people who have seen thiese keep saying they look like something from the dark crystal.  you cant see in this angle but shes got a little gelfling like nose
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