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Meta clothes for DS !!!

Hi there !! I am selling some my loli clothes simply to get NEW ONES XD ! Those items are absolute love but I'm having my eyes on other stuff and well I basically never worn any of the items I am selling so why not just sell them and get something new ?!

Well first, I will only accept Paypal and all the prices are in USD, I live in CANADA so the items will be sent from CANADA obviously, shipped via normal airmail with care and love, waterproof packages, and well here's the clothes !!! :

Metamorphose Navy Elastic waist Cherry print Skirt ! : SOLD !!! THANKS !!! ^______^

The front :

The Back :

Inside the skirt to show the tulle :

Details of the gorgeous lace and print:

Pic that I've saved a long time ago of the very same skirt, I have no ideas where I took it anymore XD XD :

So this Meta skirt is absolutely gorgeous and I've purchased it here on EGL a couple months ago, I was madly in love with the skirt but it is too girly/sweet looking for me -_- ! But that is the absolute perfect skirt, Meta standard elastic waist that will stretch "22.8in - 40in", so it really fits lots of size, I am 29~30 waist and it fits like a dream, just not my style T___T I've never worn it outside, just only tried it on once, I did bought it from someone else who've most surely worn it a couple of time but it's still in perfect super shape and everything ! The back bow would need some ironing though ^.- ! The colors is dark navy, the lace is amazing, truly one of the best item I've owned from Meta but now I must sell it !!! I'm selling it for $80.00 and the shipping will be $12.00 to Canada and USA !


Metamorphose Side Ribbon Pinafore Dress-CROWN (Black): SOLD !!! THANKS !!! ^___^

Pic from the front:

Pic to show the lining and tulle:

Detail of the gorgeous embroidery:

Meta pic:

Yes I'm selling my beautiful black dress because since I've started going to the gym a couple of months ago, I actually now own MUSCLES and this dress doesn't really fits that great anymore, my back is too "strong" for it so I can hardly close the side zipper anymore XD XD XD damn me and my growing muscles !!! I've worn this beauty only once for a videogames convention and that's it, it's in PERFECT shape and absolutely gorgeous and I must add that it gives a VERY VERY VERY flattering hourglass shape ! Here is the link to the Meta dress for the measurements and details:
or quick like that, size : length 78.5cm (30.9in), bust 90 - 102cm (35.4 - 40.0in), waist 70 - 80cm (27.5 - 31.0in) !
This dress is out of stock and I paid 14800 YEN for it, I'm reselling it $125.00 and shipping is $15.00 for Canada and USA ( it's kinda heavy and big to ship )


Metamorphose Cherry Knee High Socks (Black)

No tags, but only tried once, never worn with shoes or anything like that, they are NEW in perfect condition, just no tags attached ! ^.^ These socks are awfully cute but probably too cute for me XD I'm selling them for $30.00 ! shipping is $5 to Canada and USA !


Gothic&lolita-ish print shirt :

Pic of the print ( the back is identical )

Pic of me wearing it so you can see how it fits XD :

This one was such a wonderful interesting find on ebay about 3 years ago ! The art on it is just magical and you'll probably recognize the artist, if I'm right I think this is from the same artist who've made some covers for some Gothic Lolita bibles, I COULD be wrong lol but it look pretty obvious O.O ! It's PERFECT for a more casual look, with a skirt, it's just so unique and special ! And weirdly I've never worn this XD, it's just been sitting in my closet for 3 years O_o Well I've tried it once and that's about it ! The brand says "Siam Import" and 65% Polyester 35% Cotton, tag says size M but it does run large, there is a love of stretch to it too !! Measurement un-stretched are : Bust 37", Waist 34", length 24.5", Arms Hole 19" all around ! Once again, the shirt will stretch a bunch and would fit bust from 34"~40" ! It's gorgeous and the back is just like the front, the same image is showing again ! ^_^ That's a really lovely unique special item and I'm selling it for $30.00 ! Shipping is $7.50 to Canada and USA !


That's it for now ! I have been selling other stuff here on EGL before and I've also bought a lot, and here's my eBay feedbacks of doom, been selling for 8 years :

Thanks tons and feel free to comment/ask stuff and if you have any questions do not hesitate to let me know !! ^.^

Love !
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