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Oh noez, another WTC

Just got my tax return, so everyone knows what that means. New clothes!

So anyway, this might be kind of interesting because I want a jsk with a shirred bodice, but everything else about the design can be up to the commissioner (unless you absolutely want me to hand you something and say "make this") except I want it to be green with off-white lace and the straps can't be thin because I have wide shoulders xD everything else would be up to you.

I also want a matching off-white blouse like this Baby one to go with it

I'm tall and plus-sized, so please take that into consideration. I would also like it in about a month, but I understand its a short time for most, so its not 100% important.

Either leave me a comment or email me at Raycoli@gmail.com for more info ^^ Thanks!
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