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You may proceed to laugh at my noobishness now..

Ok I am very sorry for posting what will probably be the most idiotic question ever but im a total sewing newbie! I bought a pattern that I think will do to make a nice loli dress, very simple looking so thats not an issue.

The problem is.. How much fabric do I need? I mean how do you work out how much you will need? I'm a 38" bust, 32" waist if that helps at all? XD

Also if I was feeling really brave/senseless and did attempt to replicate this at a later date (my friend would be helping me) what material should I use to make that top part with the bow, so that it doesnt look flimsy?

And my final nooby question is... dun dun dun.. if I was going to make a corset (I'm far too overly ambitious considering my sewing machine has a TURN HANDLE lol antique) what type of material should I use, or just anything?

All help appreciated sorry if im asking things that are really obvious ;-;
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