papadeux (papadeux) wrote in egl,

DS Charmy Kitty and Chi Chai

Hi everyone! I'm not sure if anyone will be interested in this, but my lovely sister got me these items at the store, and I don't want them. They are unopened, and unused, and they barely came out of the Sanrio bag to be photographed.

Charmy Kitty Stickers-
They are raised!!! Thick, too. The bunny has an EGL headress XD
$4 USD inc. shipping. (they are 3.95, but I'll ship it for 5Cents from my office.)

Charmy Kitty or Chi Chai Monchan lipgloss with charm
$4.00 per Includes Shipping. (3.95 plus 5Cent shipping. Takes 1.75 to ship a hard object so you are getting a discount!!!)

I managed the Sanrio store for years, so let me know if you guys want anything else from there. If I go I can get discounts on everything. But only until May because our owners are selling it to someone else.

Also, let me know if this format is incorrect, since this is my first post, but I have been lurking for many months now. (Don't you all feel intimidated!!!!)

Vuala :D
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