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Well; Needless to say... I'm not exactly good at matching (or making up my mind!)
I need help with coordinating a BTSSB outfit! It'll be my very first Babys ; ; I'm so excited.
I'm hoping to put the order out next week and need help and opinions!!!

The definates! -

The Dress!

I'm totally set on this JSK. I want it. Tons. No need help in deciding that....

The matching (almost) tote bag!

Oh if it was only in blue instead of black....

The cutesy parasol!

The totally need help with in deciding! -

The shoes... @.@

Shoes A- These I really like. But I don't know how well they're gonna match.

Shoes B- I only actually have something to say about Shoes A >.>

Shoes C- meh.. don't like these too much....

Okay. Next subject. Hair/hat!!

My hair is short. I always wear my hair in pigtails cause thats all I can do, and pigtails are a barely...

Sooo Hair Choice A!

Hair/Hat Choice B~

Now, what I would do with this... I'd probably couple it up with choice A. Maybe.

Hair/Hat Choice C-

Hair/Hat Choice D-

Choice E-

Choice F- Cute lil Tiara.. Dunno how well this would go tho....

And I think thats about it....
Any maybe one of these if I don't wear a collar shirt with the JSK



Okay! Well, tell me which combinations would look best together! ^^;; Thanks!
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