original carla ghost (ugly_kitties) wrote in egl,
original carla ghost


A little while ago, after seeing yuki_dragon buy the same dress at Forever 21, I decided to buy it despite being a good six inches too hueg in the waist to fit it. Now I've only got two more inches to go and I'm so excited that I took mirror photos of it!

Mind you, the back is still kind of open. The waist on this thing is 30.5", and I'm currently at 32.5". Also, I'm really sorry for my room--I'm in the middle of reorganizing the whole thing and so it's a mess. :|

Being worn with two completely dead petticoats :C MESSSSS

Trying to get some semblance of detail in a mirror shot (in vain, I'm afraid, but hey at least you can see I've not really got a double chin)

So what do you guys think? What accessories would you like to see with it? Should it be kurololi? What about whitexblack socks? (rhetorical questions) Regardless of my wardrobe or opinion, imagine how this dress should be worn. Does it need a blouse underneath to cover up my collarbones, or is it modest enough? Does it need an underskirt, or is it long enough? (sorta rhetorical)

Just have fun, srsly guys.
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