The Abominable Chax (miyu_sakura) wrote in egl,
The Abominable Chax

Fan Plus Friend Group Order!

Hey all, the Chicago Gothic Lolitas Fan Plus Friend Group Order here needs a few more people on it to reach $500. For those who are Chicago-area, the delivery will still be handled as a local meet-up. For those not in the Chicago-Area, you will only have to cover domestic shipping.

Once again:

1) Comment below with the item(s) of clothing that you're interested in purchasing and their individual cost. Please also comment with an email that you'll use to communicate. If you've already commented on the Chicago order, don't worry about it.

2) I'll send everyone a Paypal invoice and an 'order form' so I can make sure that the order is placed accurately.

3) Once the order is placed I send FREQUENT updates. Confirmation of the order, confirmation of the order's reciept by F&F, ship date from China, all that good stuff.

4) Non-Chicago residents will have shipping included on their invoices. Chicago-area residents who plan on making the delivery meet-up will not. Everyone will have about $1 extra attatched to their invoice because Paypal charges me to recieve money but I can accept CCs so hooray!

I'd like to have everything ready by Wednesday, so this weekend would be a great time for you to place your comments so I can send out invoices on Sunday and have all the Paypal and so forth ready by that time so I can send it all to F&F before April 1st.

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