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DS : Antenna Shoes / Corset / Heart E Bag / Etc

Sadly some of the items do not fit me like I wish they would so I'd have to sell them. Seeing them around makes me feel really sad ! *curses self*

terms :-
- I accept all sorts of Paypal (CC will be charged exact fees unless we do a deal like XX$ shipped ^^)
- I am willing to ship internationally - buyer pays shipping
- I will consider trades ^^
- For those in UK : I will be going down to London on the 31st March and Nottingham on 15th April so if anyone would like a pickup, I'd be more than happy to oblige. ^^ (otherwise I'm in Sheffield XD)
- Please feel free to make reasonable offers or ask for more pics, or make any enquiries.
- Please let me know if you do want the item or not after you enquired about it. What's with the deadbeats going around ?

On to the items ~ <3

White Antenna's in size JP LL 25.5 / UK 7 - SOLD

I'm really sad to have to sell them but I guess my size 7.5UK feet just won't feel comfy in them T_T
I'd say its best for a size 7UK or a 6.5 for a looser fit.
I've tried stretching the top part of the shoes (near the flower thingy part) as well as the back with a spray thing and it made the wearing more comfortable than when it was out of the box).
The pair of shoes have only been tried on and I never wore it out of the room.
There are slight stretched marks on the back (along the seam) and the price reflects this though in no way it makes the shoe any less wearable. If there's any interest, I'll take pics later today as soon as the batteries are charged ^^
I got them for about 65USD for them in total so I'm hoping to get somewhere around 45~50USD for them sans shipping but feel free to make a reasonable offer.


Black Antenna's in size JP LL 25.5 / UK 7 - 50USD

Same problem as the above but I never tried it on nor did any modifications to them besides taking off the tag. Realized that flat shoes were not my type so I didn't wear them or do anything with them.


Black Heart E Wing Bag - 30USD

This is a seriously cute Heart E bag and measures 27cm X 27cm. Got it and realized that the colour isn't really me and I can't coordinate it with my outfits ^^; (I'm a reluctant BXW person) So perhaps someone else will give it the loving it needs. C'mon the wings are SO CUTE !


Steel boned Medical Corset - SOLD

I bought it last year or something but I have never used it. It has been kept in a box since then and I think its time for someone to wear it ! I'm not sure about the measurements but the rough flat measurements are as follows :-

bust : 42cm approx
waist : 35cm approx


I also have some more stuff here in my Photobucket Page that may be loliable ^^

Please feel free to make enquiries here about them ~


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