Shu (xmidarex) wrote in egl,

What to make, what to make... + YJA search term question

I actually found these off YJA while I was searching for stuff and I couldn't resist, I just had to buy them! Now my problem is there's only very little of each (about 60x60cm each), and I have no idea what to make with them!

Any ideas?

I was thinking of a small bag, or maybe pouch, but the material is kind of thin, I'm afraid it won't hold up for too long :x Maybe a tie, but I'm not sure if the print is too busy.

I wish I could make headbows with these but it would need a matching skirt!

And what are some search terms that one would recommend to search for nice fabric on YJA that could be made into lolita/loliable stuff? Even if they're pricey, I'd just be happy to look at them xD;. I'm not sure what the term for 'fabric' is and ゴスロリ doesn't turn up that much :(

But I'm sure there must be a lot of nice fabric out there on YJA because I also found the same kind of fabric that was used on this dress, though I didn't get that.

Thank you for any help in advance :D
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