Queen Falling Star (h_i_m_e_s_a_m_a) wrote in egl,
Queen Falling Star

Pattern help^^ (Within the next hours please^^)

Upon making a  headdress, I was suddenly in the urge to make an outfit to go with it. I have a white collared shirt but what I need is a skirt.

I was wondering if anyone had  an "A length" I think it was called, or a "Circle skirt"
 tutorial to make these skirts. I've never sewn one before but I'm pretty nifty with a needle^^

It would also help to know how many yards of fabric I'd need. I'm ordering it but the bid ends in about 11 hours.

I drew sorta what I wanted it to look like, so please do excuse my sucky drawing skills xD I was getting my hair done in the process and rushing. And please forgive the lighting. I had to use my camera to get it on since my scanner is MIA

The fabric of the skirt would light blue and white gingham fabric to match the headress^^ I thought it'd be cute.

Thanks so much <33
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