ayameh (ayameh) wrote in egl,

NOT a WTB, more of a Want A Quote?

Okay, so this isn't a want to buy since I don't have the money to buy them right now, but if I was looking to buy the Innocent World red plaid prince pants they sold a while ago, how much might you expect for them? (This question is targeted at the ones who actually own them.)
I don't know the original cost, hence why I'm asking.

Or does anyone know where they sell replicas? xD I know I could commission, but I really want a place that has a reputation and is more legit after my last few commission experiences.

OH, and what's the size? O_O Would you say they could fit a 32" waist?

Picture of the said item under the cut.

Image provided kindly by pour_me_coffee. ^^ If you'd like a few other shots, you can view it at the recent France photoshoot where one of the members looks adorable in the red version.
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