facepalm.jpg (ex_wut78) wrote in egl,

I hope these aren't stupid questions- I've checked the memories, but I didnt see anything. Although knowing myself I probably missed something. But yeah-

What would be a nice way to uh..put my hair up? I have culinary class in school and it requires my hair to be up and out of my face. I cant do pig tails and the only hair I'm allowed to have near my face are bangs, or if my hair is too short to put up. I have seen a few pictures, but they're so elaborate and I cant seem to figure them out. :( My hair is a little longer than shoulder length, thick, and wavy. I'm also looking for something kinda simple since I dont give myself a lot of time in the morning. I know a lot of you are probably saying "Just put your hair up in a pony-tail!" but when I do it looks pretty sloppy. I'm sorry if this is silly.

And this is probably more sewing related, but I hope it's okay to ask here. I dont own many shirred items, but I was thinking of buying some. I'm trying to lose weight- so I figured something shirred would be ideal since it should still fit nicely when I lose weight, rather than having something oversized which I can no longer wear. But.... can I "over stretch" (Not sure about the right term) the dress/whatever? Like, if I wear it too much will it stretch out and never regain it's original form? If so, is there a way to fix that?

Once again, I apologize for my stupidity. And if something like this needs to be under a cut, please let me know.
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