Neffy (kabe_no_hana) wrote in egl,

Fabric opinions

Hello all,

I'm planning on making a skirt (or possibly a jumperskirt) for spring and I would like an opinion on the fabric I found.

I really like purple and I'm kind of fond of this print, but the more I think about it, the more it looks like some kind of fabric for old lady-ish curtains... :/ I know florals are lolita, but I haven't used a really obvious floral print before and I have trouble deciding which kinds are appropriate. What do you all think? Is this one too old lady-ish? Too... er, stripey? If not, would it look best as a skirt or a jumperskirt?

There are only a few yards left and I have to decide kind of fast, so thanks for any help you can give me! ^_^
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