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Guess? the Loli

Yesterday, while wandering though the mall, I happened to go in and look at a few things at Guess?/Marciano.

Though it only comes in pink on the site, but they had it in pink, blue, white, creme, and black in the store.  It is seriously adorable in person.

Just a heads up!

EDIT: Since so many people are whining about how this is all wrong (collar, color,ect) let me clarify some things:

The collar buttons up all the way to the top, however, it does not show it in the pic. 
The color pink in this picture is almost the same as the Meta Sweets collection pink (I know, I had the tote bag with me and it was a pretty good match).
The blue is more of an Angelic Pretty blue.
The collar is the same as the Target shirt that people here bought/liked last summer.

It it would not have been good for lolita, I wouldn't have posted it.

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