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Big Ole Stuff Sale

Well kids I did a quick closet clean-out and realized I have some seriously cute stuff that I never wear. So I'm going to pass the cleanings on to you! Here's what's for sale! (Pink furry friends not included!)

***All asking prices include shipping within the US! Canada add $1. Rest of the world please contact me!***

First we have a lovely Angelic Pretty Swan Ribbon Headdress
Price: $35

This headdress is just lovely, but I rarely wear it and I'm getting another AP headdress in blue so I'm going to sell it on.

Next we've got a black and pink Metamor Swan Tote.
Price: $30 SOLD

It's no longer on the website and I adore the print on it, but as you all know I don't wear black! So it's been mostly hanging up being neglected :(

Also from Metamorphose, we have the black rail pass.
Price: $40 SOLD!

It's seen up in the larger picture in its original box. And it's still in its original plastic and paper as well, it's only been unwrapped to take that one photo, never carried. ***Note*** the socks in this photo have already been sold!

And last but not least we have these cute alphabet socks from Japan!
Price: $15 SOLD!

I got these socks in pink and in black from a cute little lingerie shop in Hiroshima, but (say it with me now) I don't wear black, so I've only worn the pink ones!

They are literally the same socks I am wearing in these photos, only in black and magenta:

I honestly can't remember having ever worn them, perhaps it's been once or twice, but they're so cute! Please somebody give them a good home! Just in case you didn't get it-- THE BLACK ONES are for sale NOT THE PINK ONES. Thanks!

Priority will go to whomever can pay first!
Thanks for looking!
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