Red Power Ranger ソランジ (redninjawinz) wrote in egl,
Red Power Ranger ソランジ

Swimmer Order.

Okay I didn't do one last week so its time for one. The rules have changed a lot because of a problem last time. I'm putting the most important rule in bold. You cannot request a design. This also means you cannot say you don't want this or this because all of these styles are old and going to be replaced when the new spring items come out. These are the styles that are left from the previous seasons. The shop only has a limited amount which is why I can't take requests.

If you request a design or say you don't want a certain design, I will ignore your comment and give that spot away. I know this is harsh but I can only get a few designs which is why I limit the order to 10 people. I had oringinally said 9 because I was holding a spot for someone but they commented here. Only 10 spots this time. Do remember that you can request a background but if you ask for more than a background color I will ignore your post.

My shop only has white, black and red backgrounds. All the other styles are sold out. I can't offer personal orders until the new stock is in the shops I don't think that will be until a couple weeks.

Sample of styles:

1. lanarks_rima
2. botro
3. queenoffantasy
4. starsparkle333
5. carousel_dream
6. neko_oni
7. poisoned_heartx
8. ulala_gee
9. pain_killer_80

I only accept paypal. The total is $27.09 including Air uninsured shipping and a paypal fee. Please comment with your email address.
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