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Less Talk, More Rock

The other day my dear friend industrialkitty came over for cookies and tea. AND, most importantly, to pick up her part of the Meta order we'd done recently. When she got her skirt on we noticed that it was a) super-DUPER cute and b) made of the very same material as my blue Marine Stripe jumperskirt. Aaaaand since my house is but a few short blocks from the beach, we took a walk to take some photos. Only trouble was, this is Chicago, and therefore the beach was still half frozen!

***A few quick notes. 1) YES IT WAS COLD. 2) The reason industrialkitty's socks and stockings don't match her skirt is because she arrived at my house for tea and cookies in a lovely Innocent World jumperskirt and then changed into her new Meta skirt. So, really, her socks *do* match... another outfit. See? 3) Walking to the beach from my house is scary. There were scary people on the streets that day full of scaryness. 4) Lolita shoes were not meant for sand. 5) DID I MENTION HOW COLD IT WAS?! I think I already did. Okay, that's it!

Despite the chilly weather, we really did have fun!

We plastered the smiles on our faces...

Even though we really wanted to look like this! BRRR!

And here we are wanding lost with our parasols...

Lolita in flight!

Fun in the... uhhh... chilly sun?

LOL, we are freezing!

That's it, it's too cold. I am so outta here!

But wait! I cannot leave... because as I watch, concerned...

industrialkitty does the unthinkable! LOOK OUT! You're heading right for all the ice! IN YOUR BABY SHOES!!!

She tests things out first with her parasol...

Then takes her first steps!

"SWEET LORD, GO NO FURTHER!" I cry, to no avail.

I tells you... kids these days...


But not to fear, folks! See? She's okay!

This concludes LOLITA BEACH BLANKET BINGO!!! Catch you next time!


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