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Want to trade/sell [h.naoto blood]

Soo I need to both get rid of this blouse and acquire some socks!

The blouse I have [Previous owner's image, I can take more for you in a few hours after my eye appointment to prove it is in my posession] is an h.naoto blood blouse, and I'm mostly selling it because my freakishly long arms are just a tad too long.

34in bust, 30in waist, 24.5in total length [also owner's measurements, I can doublecheck these for you if you like. I am about 31 inches around the chest, 27 in the waist and it fit me just fine sans the arms, which are 3/4 sleeve.]

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Also I went to remove the pinpoint red stains and couldn't find them, but can thoroughly recheck and clean if you want. The blouse is very stunning in real life and I really couldn't get over how nice the material is, it's a very soft texture and extremely comfortable.

I paid $50 for this blouse and haven't done anything but try it on, so I'd like that back please.

I'm looking for these socks [or similar]
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I've never sold on EGL before, but I do have buyer's feedback on ebay under crimson_melancholy, and have bought from a few sellers on the community with no problem. If you want/need any further information from me I will be happy to provide it.

[Also on the offchance someone has a Suppurate System crown they'd sell me, please let me know!]

Thank you!


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