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I've got a bunch of things for sale, please read these rules first.

1) I only accept paypal. I will accept any type of paypal though (credit card, echeck, instant, etc).
2) I will ship anywhere in the world, but shipping will be calculated depending on where you live.
3) The shipping costs are not included in the price.
4) All Prices are in US dollars

If you need extra information or pictures, please feel free to ask.
I can't do any holds at this time, so please only say you're interested if you can pay right away (even with an echeck).

1. Red Angelic Pretty Bow - *SOLD*

2. Metamorphose Antique Set - $180 or Best Offer

Built-in petti
This set includes the skirt (with built in petticoat), bonnet and collar. This will be the last time I post this set, if it's not sold I'm keeping it. I will accept offers on this, but please make them reasonable (as in, $50 is not reasonable).

3. Rose Chocolat Rockinghorse Shoes - $100 or Best Offer

Side View
These have only been tried on, although the sides are a little dirty because they attract lint, easily cleaned (use a damp cloth). These are a size 24 and are made of real leather and have foam soles. I will accept reasonable offers.

4. Marjour Shirt - $30 or Best Offer

I haven't worn this, but it's horribly wrinkly because it was in my suitcase for a while. This one has a stand up collar with lace and the lace is not scratchy. Has a lace up back (which was a bit tight in the photos) and lace up sleeves. This originally came with a crappily made tie thing which isn't here. If you really want the tie, I can get it for you, it's just at my dad's house. I will accept offers on this.

5. ITS Princess Petticoat - *SOLD*

6. No Brand Petti - *SOLD*

7. Guess Pants - $60

These are new with tags, only tried on once. They are really adorable and well made, I just don't know when I'll ever wear them. I think they would be wonderful for kodona/dandy style, as they fit right above the knees. I *might* accept offers.

8. Angelic Pretty Tote - *SOLD*

A cute Angelic Pretty tote bag with poodles on it. Has never been used, so it's brand new (even the corners are still tucked in!). I will accept offers on this.

9. Sex Pistols Bracelet - $15 or Best Offer

A neat Sex Pistols bracelet, would be awesome with punk styles. It's a little bit big for my wrists, hence why I'm selling it. Even has the tags still attached. I'll accept offers but if this doesn't sell I will be keeping it.

Thanks for looking!
PS: If you are interested, please don't leave a comment and then disappear, it's unfair to others who are interested. Thanks! :3

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