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For Sale

Victorian Maiden Flower Print Dress -  € 250 // $ 335
Selling my Victorian Maiden Flower Print dress, because I found out that classic lolita isn't really for me.
I actually don't like to sell it because it was my first brand dress, but I never wear it anymore and it's just hanging in my closet, without doing anything with it
I've worn it like 5-6 times. This dress is also not very big, so it's more for the smaller people.
With the dress there comes a stola of 40 centimeters long.


Waist: 76 cm (max.)
Bust: 84 cm
Height: 79 cm

The image “http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u149/kitoramu-chan/Sellings/IMG_1460-1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Back // Back Detail // Stola

Lolita Rose Dress -  € 50 // $ 67
This dress is from the (fake) brand "Lolita Rose". It was my first lolita-ish item, but now I don't wear it anymore.
Worn for 2-3 times.

Size: M


Length: 95 cm.
Bust: 88 cm (max.)

Top // Top Detail // Bottom // Bottom Lace

h.Naoto Anarchy Coat -  € 130 // $ 172
This h.Naoto coat is new. But it doesn't fit me because the shoulders are too wide.
The coat isn't also very thick, so you can use it more as a spring/summer coat than for the winter or fall.

(Hat not incluced xD)

Left Bust // Left Pocket // Right Pocket


Full length: 77 centimeters
Shoulders width: 43 centimeters
Sleeve length: 56 centimeters

Payment Method:
I accept Paypal and banktransfer (though I don't know how this works with foreign country's)

Within Europe it will be
€ 5,70 and outside Europe € 11 // $ 14,60.

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