V.S. (banshee123) wrote in egl,

Innocent World Pink JSK DS

Pic from site
Close-up of print

Innocent World pink tramp one piece
Free size
Asking $225 + shipping (had to use shopping service for this)

I would also be open to a partial trade with a (OMFG I WANT THESE SO BAD) red princess bustle btssb jumperskirt or the pink skirt version of the above jumperskirt.

There was a lot of interest in this a few weeks ago, but now no one seems to want it. :( And I neeeds money.


More pictures here.

Angelic Pretty replica cutsew with rabbit ears by ITS

Specifications: Detachable sleeves, lace is only at bottom of short sleeve and detachable long sleeve--the rest is ruffled material instead, rabbit ears, ribbon in back to tie waist back, heart shaped pockets, all white.

Bust: 25" flat
Waist: 20" flat
With room to stretch or be tied smaller.

Asking $70 shipped.


2 Candy Violet Shirts in XL.
No signs of wear ('cause I only wore them once or twice) but the pink shirt's hem stictching is coming out because American Apparel sucks.
Asking $30 for both shipped.


I bought this pink apron from In the Starlight, but the blouse I was going to wear with it didn't fit so this is unworn (and it's too big for me). This was made for a 36" waist and it has snaps on the back of the straps so that you can criss-cross it behind your back. If you're willing to remove the snaps and reposition them (which is pretty easy) this could fit smaller or larger waist sizes.

Additional Photos: Close Up of Bodice
Close Up of Pocket

Originally bought here (Heart Apron with Heart Pockets).
Asking $23 shipped.
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