Fluffy (lil_kitt) wrote in egl,

Shoes question

Hello everyone, I have a brief and in my opinion rather specific question regarding shoe's toe shapes that I'd like you to share your opinions on !

I've browsed both here as well as a few websites, and it occured to me that most loli shoes have round/roundish toes, or at least 99% of those that I've seen. I have a pair of shoes (the one on the right) that has squarish toes. I'm just wondering if you people think the shape of the tip makes a major difference, and if the squarish shoes are okay for a loli outfit ? Is there an unspoken rule or something that round-toed shoes are preferred (or am I just nitpicking on details that people don't really have a strict preference for) ? Here is another picture with a round-toed pair of shoes for comparison.

I don't have a specific "style" that I strictly prefer, but so far I've been venturing for classic lolita looks. What do you think ?

(Just a side curiosity: did people in, say, victorian times wear squarish-toed shoes at all ? Somehow, I'm under the impression that their shoes are all round-toed !)

Comments are much appreciated. Thanks in advance !
(edit: Wow, I noticed there are quite a few shoe questions lately ! Or is it just me ?)
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