Nana007 (nana007) wrote in egl,

Ugh..Not another Rocking Horse Shoe Question...

Sorry I know everyone is tired of blah blah blah rocking horse shoes.  But I looked in the memories and I saw nothing that answers my question.  

I know Double Decker shoes have a wood heel. They also have the special where for $100  you get 2 pairs of shoes. But with Shipping to the U.S it makes the total go to $175. Giving you a value of $87.50 for each shoe.

With Ling Lam she has a wider variety of styles but hers are foam and thus cheaper.  Depending on what style you get the shoe (including shipping) costs $62-$75 dollars.  So in essence I could get 2 pairs of her shoes for cheaper than 2 of Double Deckers.  

Now at this moment the money isn't the issue.  So the real question (s) Is (and I know this has been asked before but I couldn't find the page) Which is easier to walk in, has more comfort.  And also which shoe has the better value the Wood or Foam?  I have head stories of the Foam easily scuffing. The leather is sometimes cheap and scuffs also. But the wood shoe Dents easily and sometimes may have the same problem with the leather. So my question again is which shoe has the better value, is more comfortable, and is longer lasting.  I am VERY hard on shoes. For example I have to buy a new pair of white tennis every 3 months because after 3 months they look dingy and like I had them for 3 years instead of 3 months.  So I am looking for the shoe that some would say is longer lasting and thus has the best value.
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