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For the wig wearing Lolis:

These tutorials are for those who are interested in styling wigs for the purpose of Lolita. The majority of the information is from this source: . Katie Bair is quite the artist with hair. If you rather not style your own I suggest you invest in one from her or an affiliate of hers.

Well on with the show.

I found that netting curls when not in use will have them last longer.


1. Comb to the front of the wig covering the foam heads forehead. Plastic rollers are an option with certain styles
2. Use hair dyer on low and direct it at the bangs fo a few seconds then remove. The fibers are not made to hold up to such heat for too long. Wait for it to cool a bit then repeat once more.
3. Cut to length and style.

Another Method:


1. Carefully wrap thin locks of hair around Plastic rollers of chosen size.
2. Place in tub or sink.
3. Pour near boiling water (180F- 195f The type and quality of the wig will determine how much heat it can withstand)
4. Let sit until completely dry (a night or two)

For More look here or join the forum there for more tutorials:

Hope this helps someone.
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